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When dreams come true

I would like to tell you about dreams and about conditions required for their realization. As far as I have known, there are few conditions which you must fulfill in order to follow your dreams. I will explain these with my own experiences.

First and most important condition is permission. You have to allow yourself to have that dream. It may sounds silly, but we all know that cases when we want something but a little voice inside our head is telling us, that we should not want it (it is too expensive, I do not deserve that, it is too dangerous, etc..). First step is to admit that all these barriers are only inside your head. Yes, you might not have enough money and it may not be the most secure thing to do but we are speaking about dreams!

I was always living with a paradigma that studying and working abroad is something really impossible for me. I have always knew that my generation have possibilities to do that, but it was still something really distant. How would I arrange all these authorizations? How would I find a flat? How would I dare to do that?

Well, I just did. I just changed my paradigm and stoped being so worried. Everything looked worst when you have it only in your mind. It’s human nature to worry and imagine that we can not do it. But we can change the way how we perceive it!

I know too many people (my mother is the brightest example) who just did not even start with some change because they aretoo scared. My mother would rather stay in her current employment where she is unhappy than dare herself to look for a new one. She keeps saying that sometimes, sometimes she will leave, but she never really admitted herself to do that (because the market is so unstable, she has to provide family, etc … ). It is not real option in her mind, so she will never do it unless she change this view.

It seems to me useless to tell that people that they have to try, because they always have so many explanations why it is not possible. But I will keep telling it to everyone and hope that they will realize this:

Your biggest enemy is not money, time, your boss or your age. It is you! Everybody helps to create his own conditions. If you allow yourself to have this dream, admit that you can do it and start trying, you will be on a half way to success.


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