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Do schools kill creativity?

Do schools kill creativity by Sir Ken Robinson is my favourite lecture about education (and also the only one I have seen so far). I strongly recommend to watch it here, but if you are too busy to do that (it takes about 20 minutes), you can just read this simple summary and my thoughts.

The difference between children and adults is that children are not afraid to make mistakes. They can be wrong and they do not care. But when they grow up and go to the school, which stigmatizes mistakes, they are educated out from creativity. Mr Robinson says, if we are not prepared to be wrong, we can not come with something original. I completely agree, in my opinion the school systems are undermining children self confidence. In my case, when I was a kid and had to answer a question, to which I did not know the answer, I felt like a completely idiot and I gradually gained fear of being wrong.

Another thing is, that schools concentrates on head and ignore the body. We do not teach how to dance in the classes. Why not?

In this lecture there is this amazing example of famous and very successful artist. When she was young, she had a problems with learning, she could not concetrate. They sent her to some specialist. After this doctor spoke to her mother, he wanted to be alone with her. He turned on the radio and then left the girl alone in the room. He and her mother were watching her, while she started to dance. He said: Your daughter is not sick. She is a dancer. Then she was sent to the conservatory and became very successful and happy. But what if there would be another doctor, who would just sent her to some special school for delayed kids?

I think that this is very interesting way how to look at creativity.


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