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When dreams come true II

In the first part of this article I was speaking about allowing yourself to have a dream. It is extremely important to change your way of thinking from negative to positive perspective. If you want to achieve something you must be able to imagine it, believe that you deserve it and that it can be real. You will never start trying if you are not sure that you can have this dream, that it is possible and real. In the minute when you realize it, you will start to understand how easy is to move forward and follow your dreams, if your mind is not the enemy.

The next step is to start with something small, which you can change. If your goal is to get rid of poverty in the world you can not focus just on that, because you would never do anything from this big perspective. You would simply not know where to begin. We have to start from small things and slowly make our influence bigger and bigger. It is impossible to go in the opposite direction, we have to proceed from the inside out.

Let´s see an example about love.

If you are having problems in your relationship, it will not be wise to try change your partner. Maybe you will have the feeling that he should change, that his behaviour is not acceptable and you will start blaming him. What will happen? he will probably get angry and things will be even worse.

Trying to change someone else is not in our sphere of influence. It is someone´s else task. Only ourselves can evaluate our behaviour and see if it is according to our principles. What I think is a better solution is to try to change yourself. We should start from inside out. If I change, maybe I will become more tolerant to partner´s weaknesses. If I change my perspective, maybe I will not care about the problem any more. I can decide about my perceiving and about myself, and this may inspire the other person to change as well.. But it must be from his initiative.

If we start to fulfill our dreams and we take a smaller steps, we will see the outcomes very soon. Take a look to great personalities from the history, how did they become famous? I bet they started with something small, but with the big goal in their head. It is important to have an aim and it could be as huge as establishment of peace, but we have to focus on things which we can influence and go step by step.


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