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Money can buy happiness

I just gave 10$ to one classroom in the USA to help them buy a books for the children. I did it after I was listening to podcast by Mitchel Nortnon: How to buy a happiness. I like his idea so much that I decided to write about it, so someone else will maybe also donate some money and will buy some happiness for himself.

Basically, all you have to do to be more happy, is to spend your money in a different way then you are used to. His survey showed that people who got some money and spent them on themselves was not affected but people, who got the same amount of money and spent them on others, was happier after doing so.

It is really interesting idea and I believe it is very much true. If you think on others, help them, give them presents, send them money, etc.. you feel great afterwards. It is like during Christmas, when is generally much more fun to see how others enjoy our gifts than to receive ones.

This survey also showed that it does not really matter how much money you will spent. It also does not matter if you will do some huge noble thing like help orphans in Africa or if you will just buy your mother a nice new bracelet. The important thing is to be pro-social. To think on others.

I do not know the exact explanation of this phenomena but I guess that if you buy something for yourself, it is not so important for you. You will forget about it soon. You will get used to it, it is not something special to buy yourself a little present. If you do it for someone else, maybe a friend who is not used to get presents from you except on his birthday, you will make his day better. Not just because of this book you bought him, but because you thought about him, carried about him and made something nice. It will also make your relationships better.

If you do this for some charity, you will have this same feeling as if you would buy something for your friend. You can imagine how someone else is happy. You can feel good from yourself. You can be better person just with a small steps.

You may think that this is something normal, that you do it all the time. But do you? Do you spent your money on others? I believe that we all should think about it.It is really easy to find an excuse.

One more recommendation: I donated my money for this charity:, because I just love this idea. It is about education (my favorite topic, as you can see in my other articles) and the great thing is, you can choose a project, support it with any amount of money you want and you will get a photo, thank-you letter and a proof of how the money was spent. They appreciate every donors the same - even if you donate 1$ or 50$. And you can see how you actually helped.


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