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I would like to write about one project of my friend. Her name is Veselina, she is from Bulgaria and we met in a Youth in Action training held in Romania about volunteering and youth employment. I liked her very much since the first day and now I am very pleased to hear how well she is doing and how active she became! This project is in fact her way how to make money for her university studying in USA.

It is called “Buy her face” (or “Buy his face” in the case of her boyfriend Lyudmil) and it is a very innovating and fresh project how to make marketing and make money. She decided that she will sell her face for an advertisements - anyone, a person or a company can book a date and choose a motto, logo or a word which will be painted in her face. You can also choose her face expression which is pretty cool :) She will be walking with it around the famous and rush places in New York city on that date, so you can make your message visible. Also, there will be a bunch of photos documenting this trip. To make all of this happen you have to pay 99$.

This idea let me think about how important is to not to be afraid to take an action. I wrote a lot about how to follow your dream and how to work effectively but I have to say a little bit more about your attitude. This example proves that if you are facing a difficult situation like my friend Vessy, you can take a courageous step towards your future on your own. I am sure that there would be a plenty of people who would not even think about trying to rise money in own business in her position (student, young, in a foreign country, in this economy,..). Many of them would just take a student loan and accept the fact that they are becoming a loan slave for next 10 years because they do not have any other option. But I believe that there is always a way.

Of course, it is not just about a right attitude (but in the case of Veselina, I doubt she will not be successful :) but the good think is, that even if your action will not succeed in the first try or during the first month, it is still worthy as it can be an example. Just take a look of what I am doing - I am promoting her project in the Czech republic and Sweden, sending it to all my friends and writing about in my blog - every action causes a reaction. I want to support brave people and I want to inspire others and Veselina helped me in that a lot because she is another proof of what I am trying to tell you. Go and follow your dreams.

If you like this idea, please support my friend and give her a “like” on Facebook.

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