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Why do I miss social studies

I am an IT student now. I started to be one over a 6 monts ago and I completely fell in love with it. I started to be a tech girl, I have been watching various podcasts about programming, reading english books, going to meetups or learning through online tutorials. I have been learning Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and I even looked at Haskell, Prolog or Scala. Recently I even got my first IT part time job!

Things have been great for me, no doubt about that. But I still kind of miss my social part. I found out that studying sociology or european studies is a different world from the IT field. The people are different, the style of studying is and the causes which you care about are. I miss the feeling that I am learning about people and about life. I left social science because I wanted to do something practical and logical, but now I feel like doing something humane and noble.

I know that programming can make a better world as well, it can change people’s life and it also should. But I can’t help thinking that poverty eradication, fighting prejudices or human rights activities are more important than for example a new social site or public transport mobile app. I know technologies matters, but I feel that in everyday practice and in schools like mine, they are focused on the business side of technology. How to make a profitable web app, how to secure a business database and so on. The really needed technologies remain hidden for me.

I would love to work on or even learn about some IT solutions for the third world countries. How to improve education through modern applications, how to help blind people to use internet, etc. I hope I will run into these kind of problems someday so I can connect my social me with the excited tech girl. I love IT and I love programming, I just want to fight for the really important causes. I want to improve my world and be as social as I could, just with the more practical set of tools than just words - programming skills.


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