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Interesting visualization (Visu homework IV.)

What is an interesting vizualization? for me, it is this you draw it project. It is not the resulting line chart what would be so stunning, that is fairly standard:


It is the interactivity which is really amazing. Yoy can see it all over - today’s visualizations are full of interacitivty - you can hover over the bar chart to see the labels, you can click few buttons to switch the data beying presented to see the comparison, etc. But this is a whole new level according to my opinion.

The reader is firstly prompt to draw his own data representation! Of course there is a little help and a written explanation on how to do it. The resulting chart is then composed from real data and you input - that is very new, the reader is becoming a co-author. The chart is also getting a new dimension. It is no longer just a story about “how growing up in a rich/poor family affects the likelihood of going to college”. Now it is a story about how the ordinary person - like you - view this issue and how it is shifted from the reality.

And because 1 person is not a representative sample, you are giving a second chart - with summary of all the people who participated:

drawit Which is in turn also a nice graphics - the shades under the curves represents how common that a swer was. This is very well choosen as the density of the pink shades serves good in telling about the density of the answers - almost transparent to white means no one has choosen this place.


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