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Why am I leaving MSD

What? Me and leaving MSD? I can’t believe it myself as well. When I first started here, February 2015, I considered that day as the happiest day in my career. I was so determined to get the job, that I learnt everything about MSD and also everything about Ruby. I even surprised the guy who was doing my interview with my knowledge and determination. I knew pretty well why I wanted to work here - I was impressed with MSD values, I loved their mission, I wanted to be part of the brand new global hub with people from all over the world, I wanted to make a difference and be part of saving and improving lives..

Well, these things are still the same. I still feel that I believe in this company and in what it does. I still like it very much and I will always smile whenever I will see a drug with MSD logo and prefer that before the competition. However, my almost 2 years in the company showed me, that it is not a place for me.

I see myself as a technical person. I want to be great programmer, that is my number one priority. I want to learn and grow and improve myself so that I would be proud on my programming skills. I started as a Ruby programmer, then switched to C# programmer and finally ended up as Javascript/React programmer/coder. That is one big problem - the backend work is slowly disappearing and the frontend work is not challenging for me enough.

Another issue is something, I believe all big companies have in common - in a corporate company, everything takes ages. There is a process for everything and there are a billions of meeting for every decision and some times you just wish you could do your job. Go and write some code. Just do it. Not talk about it. Somehow I stopped feeling productive along the way.

There are plenty of positives though - this company provides you with all the support you need. You can try different things, you can go to conferences, you can take time to learn, you can be heard if you really want. There is an amazing atmosphere and lots of good people. I made some very good friends here who I would miss terribly.

It was a very hard decision to make. I was even thinking that I could spend my entire life (career) here. But I am so glad I decided not to. I can imagine myself here in 5 years dealing with the same issues and having the same feelings - I can see how I did not learn much in that time (not that I would not have time, but that my daily tasks would be repetitive and very simple), I can see that I would get used to working very little, because I would be waiting for business decisions and similar stuff all the time and I can see myself being somehow happy but not entirely fulfilled and not challenged.

Maybe I will not find anything better, but I am an optimist. I have my new job which I am starting on November and I am very excited - I will be doing functional programming, field which I am obsessed with since my beginning of programming career!

So, this is my goodbye with MSD, I am very sad and very moved. It was great almost 2 years here. Wish me luck :)


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