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Where to find remote job

I was looking for a remote job for some time before I found my job at Leadfeeder. I knew I wanted to try remote since I read the book from 37signals - It was always my goal to have enough personal time to be with my family, to be able to take break whenever I want, to go walk my dogs in the middle of the day, to enjoy the sun, to work from our garden or from cozy coffee place … I also really liked the idea to split my working time into several smaller blocks, because I am completely unable to focus 8 hours straight. For all these reasons I believed remote could be something for me, even though I am social person who enjoys speaking with people a lot.

I was working for a big corporation with modern offices and classical 9-to-5 schedule once … it had its own perks, but for me it was a productivity killer. I was wondering all the time how I could spend my time better, surrounded by people and things I actually like. I hated getting up in the morning and I hated that every day was the same. So I quit and started to look for my dream job.

In this article I want to share with you my sources of remote jobs with brief comments about them. I found it very valuable to know where to look. There are so many job opportunities out there, but sometimes they are well hidden. A year ago, if you would have asked me, I would say that finding a remote job is impossible. At least for someone like me, who just recently started and does not have 10 years of experience. I would not believe I can find a remote job. But I would have been wrong, I found a lots of possibilities. You just need to look and not give up.

Here is my list of sources (in no particular order):

  • All types of jobs, possible to filter remote Something like an agency - they need to pre-approve you before it goes to the company I thought it was very cool, with a personal touch, but they started to email me a lot and did not actually get me any interview

  • All types of jobs, possible to filter remote Only startups Similar to Tinder - you just say interested or not interested (although lots of companies want more info) This approach was not successful for me, almost no one replied back Good filtering

  • Only remote jobs No filtering, only tags I did not like the UI, but the jobs were not that bad

  • Only remote jobs No filtering, only search My favourite site, except they are having tons of applicants (it is famous because of the book Remote)

  • All types of jobs, possible to filter remote Good filtering This site ended up to be the most successful for me - almost every company I contacted there replied, I got several interviews through this site and landed my job at

  • Only remote jobs No filtering, only tags It seems like there are A LOT of jobs, not just tech

  • Only remote jobs Yet another site with similar jobs like elsewhere

  • Only remote tech jobs Someone’s personal list, it is very nice I found it by accident :)

Besides that, in Czech republic environment, I really like those sites, even though they are not focused on remote, one can find there occasionally something interesting:

  • It is new, there are not many offers yet, but I believe it has a potential

  • My favourite czech job portal, it should be only startups

  • Would have been my favourite portal at all, I love their idea of sharing salary information up front, I love how many companies are there and I love the bonus for getting job through them BUT they are having too many technical issues all the time. I messaged their customer support dozens of times, because something in the UI just was not working :(

When I was looking for a job, I was checking all of those. I wanted a Ruby job, I wanted something which would seem friendly, but not too friendly (I hate companies who try to lure you in for free beer, xbox in the office or frequent pub visits … I am not looking for a party job, I want a serious job I can be proud of). I wanted something which would attract the same type of person as I am - with focus on learning, improving, becoming a better developer. I also wanted a lot of freedom, nice salary and possibility to travel at least sometimes.

I can’t believe I found all of it and much more. I am so happy at Leadfeeder. I have been working there for 4 months now and I am pretty much sure it is place for me. I am constantly learning, I like the people I am working with and the processes here just make everything go smoothly and without stress. I hope for every Ruby developer out there, seeking remote job, to find something as good as I have (and you can always apply to us :).


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