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How did I lose fear from recruiters

I have never trusted recruiters, headhunters or any sorts of recruitment agencies. I always thought that it must be a waste of time, that recruiter definitely:

will try to convince me to go to the company where he would get the most profit doesn’t care about me and wouldn’t advice something only for my benefit works only for big and boring companies does not himself know anything about programming or IT in general is just not for me … When I am looking for a job (which has been couple of times now), I am usually following the same procedure: I look at my favourite websites (, ) and I myself look for the companies and positions I would like. This approach works, but as the time goes, the companies start to repeat - usually, when I see some job posting on one page, I would find the same also on another. There is not much variety, so to speak. How do I get to the offers of companies which do not advertise on my favourite websites?

Actually, I have found my very first job, at Topmonks (, via direct contact. I was looking for websites of smaller IT companies in Prague and I found their website and I felt really inspired by their motto and their general image. I read about them and I knew instantly I want to try to get in, even though they did not have any open job advertisement. The direct approach worked - I wrote them what I like about them and why I think I would be a good fit to the team and they appreciated it. That is nice but it is still not very practical … so here come the recruiters!

I have met a few recruiters in my IT career and I accepted dozen of LinkedIn invitations from recruiters (because you never know, right? :) but the best connection is via something in common, personal. For example, I met Luu Ly at one of the Czechitas event - she was there as a recruiter who wanted to learn the basics of programming herself. I have reached out to her several times when I was looking for a job, but mainly I am the biggest fan of her blog ( I just love reading about the recruitment process and she (and her company ) do it so naturally and in such a friendly way that you can’t but love them. She is showing you that she is also just a person and that recruitment can be hard and challenging, but it is something very rewarding as well.

My biggest help has been another recruiter (from - Ondra Moudry. He convinced me that nothing which I originally thought about recruiters was correct. He helped me get to companies I have never heard about but was actually a great fit. He even helped me after all “his” companies did not work out and gave me advice and opinions from his own experience, without any hope of getting the recruitment fee. We met through a mutual friend and also met on one the Topmonks Cafee meetup and that is the best way how to get to people. It also proves that recruiters actually do care about learning IT and about understanding the community.

Those many recruiters I added on my LinkedIn profile never did anything for me and why would they. I am not blaming them (except when they address me as a man, then I am very angry :)) and I am happy that I have a network of connections, but what is most valuable are people you can relate to - and even from the recruiters you can make a friends!

So, why it is good to work with a recruiter? (preferably, someone you know, you met on a networking event, etc…). They know the jobs which you wouldn’t otherwise find. It is true, I don’t know why, but some companies just do not advertise. That doesn’t mean they are bad companies. Second, they know the company and they will give you advice on how to approach them and they will honestly tell you what to expect. They will help you with salary negotiation and they will make the whole process faster. They can provide you with an outside view and even help you realize what it is you actually want. To summarize - I am very happy I lost my fear from recruiters and suggest every developer to give them a chance.

P.S. I must not forgot to mention other great recruiters who helped me, inspired me or became my friends - Petr Zatloukal and Beata Mazalova from are definitely those people!


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